Mission Statement


Today, as a consumer, the number of product options to sort through can be overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Many companies are just out to make a quick buck. They tend to follow a similar pattern of focusing on profits, cheapening the supply chain and using aggressive - and perhaps questionable - marketing tactics; and as a result, quality suffers.

So how can we find quality products quickly?

Product reviews help tremendously but with some caveats. Some company websites filter out bad reviews; some reviews are fake; and some are incentivized through free products/gifts or follow-up emails that are worded similar to "please leave a review if you're happy, otherwise contact us first". Also pressuring consumers to leave a review before they have thoroughly used and tested a product can provide an incomplete picture of longevity.

So at JacksBuys.com, we provide a regularly updated short list of the best quality items at various price points from thorough research and critical evaluation to help you make a fast, informed purchase decision, or at the very least, provide a helpful starting point. We are also constantly expanding the product categories. 

About Jack

I am the chief editor and hold degrees in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Robotics with over 20 years of experience in the technology space. 

Many hours, days and weeks have been spent critically researching the overwhelming product options to curate these short lists of quality items; many of which I own, use and love.


I scrutinize all the marketing bullshit so you don't have to!   

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